Dwindling light

Have I mentioned I love my mini farm? Well I do, especially in the evenings when the waning light is filtering through the trees. It is nearly perfect. Nestled behind such picturesque views as the Dollar Store and a few abandoned homes , it’s not ideal but it works for me. There is something  unearthly about the peace of evening, my favorite time of day. I find myself standing in the growing dark watching the girls scratch around trying to find the last tidbit before running inside to roost. The rabbits are winding down for the night and look eagerly for treats if you walk by their cages. Last night we drove two hours to pick up an Angora buck for Miss Raja, sight unseen, and he turned out to be perfect.  With some grooming and time he will be a fabulous addition to the fiber group. While we were there I purchased a tiny Silkie hen. I’m told she is already laying, where my hens are not, and I find myself excited about the prospect. That is, after all, why I got chickens in the first place. I got my first four ladies from my mom and had the rare treat of picking out my hen breeds. Most farmers and even hobbyists  don’t get to do that, after all catalogs are still geared towards mass production. Twenty five of one breed? No thank you, well at least not now. I can’t even fathom saying this but I love my girls. Their distinctive personalities and antics are fun to watch. Having once been quite terrified of animals of avian persuasion, this is quite a leap. We have at present: A Buff Orpington, a Rhode island Red, An Aracana, A polish and a Silkie. And of course a Pekin duck, the only male of our feathered group. We think. I read once a perfect descriptor of this watching; “Farm TV” and that is what it is. Far more entertaining than a weeknight sitcom and probably less mind numbing. Also you never get stuck watching reruns. Part of the drive toward getting chickens was to become more self-sustaining, which is a noble goal. However even if I never run my house on solar or have a garden big enough to feed the county, I will always have these moments. Moments of utter peace watching lives in my care carry on mostly oblivious to my presence.


About sissysspinnings

Twenty-something lady addicted to all things fiber... Natural fiber mostly. Knitting. Spinning. Weaving. Raising fiber animals. Any and all writing, reading etc. Homesteading. Hobby Farming. Ranching. Animals. Self-sustaining. Eco-friendly. Recycling. I am down to earth and try my best not to be an eco-snob. I am the type of girl who thinks you should be able to drive a jacked up pick up truck and still be earth friendly. (Perhaps not while driving your truck, but still)
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