The four o’clock bake

I was reading a new book from one of my favorite authors today and i giggle out loud, scaring the dog, with just that fragment of a sentence. One of the main characters said that referring to his ex-wife’s chaotic post work baking scene. I thought oh dear that is sooo me!! While quite funny in theory, the chaotic mess I make in the kitchen while baking is all but laughable. I actually haven’t baked in ages, not for fun anyway. My baking has always been a time of intense processing, a way to work through a problem, a decision or a rough day. Since it is a new year I decided to try and bake for fun, something I  have certainly not done in years. I’m not sure where or when baking lost it’s reward for me but the last two days I found it again. Yesterday I made crackers and today cinnamon rolls. Well, I attempted to make crackers anyway. I forgot to prick them with the tines of a fork before baking and so the puffed up a bit. So I suppose I made flatbread then. However the cinnamon rolls were so rewarding the flatbread/cracker moment is all but forgotten. I have moments where I think I have really gotten the hang of this SAHW thing. Then I have moments when I realize that there is so much work left to be done. Hubby says to take it a day at a time. Do you have that much patience? I certainly do not. I want it all done at once, but that is the cook in me, not the baker.  Bakers, I’m learning, have a great deal of patience and wield their measuring spoons with an intense precision. Cooks can tweek a recipe or invent something new with spare ingredients disregarding almost completely weights and measures. Not so with baking. Oh no, you add too much flour and density will be the bane of your very existence. Too much yeast and dough will overwhelm you, that is before it simply falls flat and limp. Don’t you dare add something new or else you might find you have wasted your time and effort altogether. Ah but with a little luck and an eye for detail you just might manage that perfect pastry. I am looking for that patience and slow, steady hand as I get older, and baking may be the perfect teacher.

So I’ll leave you with this question tonight; What are you hoping to learn? What talent or skill? What depth of character do you hope to achieve this year?

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go dust flour from my jeans. My apron isn’t finished yet.


About sissysspinnings

Twenty-something lady addicted to all things fiber... Natural fiber mostly. Knitting. Spinning. Weaving. Raising fiber animals. Any and all writing, reading etc. Homesteading. Hobby Farming. Ranching. Animals. Self-sustaining. Eco-friendly. Recycling. I am down to earth and try my best not to be an eco-snob. I am the type of girl who thinks you should be able to drive a jacked up pick up truck and still be earth friendly. (Perhaps not while driving your truck, but still)
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