It takes a village…

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! And in a good way for the most part. My business has finally gone public and I was able to order most of the equipment I need to make it a success! I’m so overwhelmed at the blessings that made this journey a possibility. It is very humbling to start a business and make friends with expertise you can only hope to gain years down the road.

Among all the people that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to recently are two Twitter friends that have been an absolute inspiration to me. One is a long time Spinner and Dyer the other is a Drop Spindle Diva. They both have years of experience on me but they are so encouraging and inspiring that I don’t feel left out! Then of course there are my dear friends in the real world who both intentionally and (at times) unintentionally inspire me. I have friends who email me when they see something I could make. Friends who critique my Etsy listings and monitor my blogging habits. Also friends who send me links or inadvertently offer a suggestion for yarn names! Without a single one of these people I would never make this venture successful. Of course there are a ton of others who contribute, you can never name them all! A husband who doesn’t care that he can’t find his kitchen table under the Rovings and Carding supplies. A vendor who takes a personal interest in helping you make the right purchase. A Mom who shares her particular talents in soap-making in order to make your felted sheep soaps a reality. Then there are the dogs, the ones who look sorrowful but wait patiently as you finish a row before taking them outside.

This entry is short and sweet, I just wanted to say Thank You.

So here goes:


To all of those who have inspired, supported, encouraged, critiqued, helped, purchased an item, offered ideas or even just thought about me recently.

After all it takes a village to raise a fiber artist!


About sissysspinnings

Twenty-something lady addicted to all things fiber... Natural fiber mostly. Knitting. Spinning. Weaving. Raising fiber animals. Any and all writing, reading etc. Homesteading. Hobby Farming. Ranching. Animals. Self-sustaining. Eco-friendly. Recycling. I am down to earth and try my best not to be an eco-snob. I am the type of girl who thinks you should be able to drive a jacked up pick up truck and still be earth friendly. (Perhaps not while driving your truck, but still)
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