A place of my own

I feel as though I am channeling Heidi or the red-headed orphan whose name escapes me this morning. They each wanted a place in this world that they could call their own. I am in that exact point of need! I need a space for crafting before my art takes over my entire home. Every surface in my home has some bit of yarn, felt, fleece, fiber, needle or hook on it. It’s not that I prefer being this messy I just am. I have no space set up for a workspace or for organization for that matter! I keep trying to get organized and then it happens… ten other things jump in and demand my undivided attention. I am left wondering how those who craft, design or produce art do not drown in their medium? All I can say is I am thankful I do not paint, oh the images that pop into my head, shudder. No, fiber is the best medium for me, it doesn’t seem that difficult to clean up compared to paint.

I pity my family who, while they say it’s fine, are forced to move a drum carder to use a table. They also listen, without complaint, to the gentle whirring of my spinning wheel during movies. My poor husband has sustained several accidental pokes from knitting needles that are too long for sofa sitting. I wonder if all creative families have similar issues? Is a studio or craft room the answer? I would like one but at the same time I don’t think I could ever give up the long conversations while knitting. Nor could I give up the voiced opinions, encouragement and appreciation mid project when surrounded by people I love. So maybe An errant roving here and there, a kitchen table devoted to carding fleece and yarn tools left about aren’t as important as the time I get to spend with family.

Once again I thank you, friend, for listening to my ramblings. Enjoy your day and remember your space reflects who you are and what is important in your life.


About sissysspinnings

Twenty-something lady addicted to all things fiber... Natural fiber mostly. Knitting. Spinning. Weaving. Raising fiber animals. Any and all writing, reading etc. Homesteading. Hobby Farming. Ranching. Animals. Self-sustaining. Eco-friendly. Recycling. I am down to earth and try my best not to be an eco-snob. I am the type of girl who thinks you should be able to drive a jacked up pick up truck and still be earth friendly. (Perhaps not while driving your truck, but still)
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